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'Sometimes, cutting into the present releases the future'

Thursday, January 1, 2004

An Index Of Possibilities – Introduction

Sonic Fictions 2

The main index to my SONIC FICTIONS (‘sketches’ and miscellaneous tracks in progress).

I am posting my various activities and ideas here to see who (if anyone) might be interested in some creative trade/play?

One of my basic premises is one from theatre/movies, that of ‘Three Actors’. The idea that the human mind is ideally engaged with any three things at a time on a given ‘stage’ informs everything from photography, to animation, to pop mixes.

I have consciously created many of my tracks over the last years with up to two ‘actors’ present, anticipating either my own removal from the process for the third part or, at least, the seeming removal from ‘self’ by ‘time passed’. This, then becomes an open ‘audition’ if there are those inclined.

Virtual improvisations, synthesized soundscapes, rhythmic transient electronic hyperrealisms, imaginary strings, DSP performances, gestured noise, expanded palettes and conceptual  machines, composition, recording, mixes, and most art by Loopy C (Chris R. Gibson) unless otherwise noted (mash-ups, sound design contributions, etc.) Email me at loopyc(at)loopyc(dot)com.

“Amatuer – Someone who does something because they LIKE TO!, not because it is their profession”

Please note, I am in the process of a complete transfer and rebuild of this site so stay tuned for the ‘real thing’ For a visual/textual guide to the material presently ‘hiding’ in the ‘master players’ below, please see this screen shot of my former blog with descriptions, catagories, and art.

It’s one big jpeg of the entire blog (21 mb) so it will take a minute or so to load/download!


Clicking on the link ‘Player’ in individual posts will allow you to select playlists and/or tracks.

-The > before a list name in the player is a track (click to play if it doesn’t start up immediately).
-The + before a list name in the player is an individual complete playlist, click to open playlist and then click the first track in list that appears to begin.

Some playlists do require some time to load! depending on your connection speed so allow for this or you can use the ‘down arrow’ following each trak’s name to directly download to your hard drive.

Additional ‘Help’ can be found on the player itself via ‘hovering’ over a control. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


**Special note on audio levels.

Most tracks are pre-production/unmastered and are optimized at -6db below 0 db (digital fullscale) so turn up the volume for previewing and enjoy the headroom when mixing in YOUR own tracks 😀


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