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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

021809 Mystery Meat Sessions


Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat



Mystery Meat Player


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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blood and Cheeze Whiz

A Design Brief:

Cheesy TV drama underscore ‘homage’, with reference to glitch aesthetics, Wabi Sabi, and my own ‘intervalic ratios’ rhythm theories.



Reaktor – ‘SUK FM’ (by Jonathan Style (+Don Dailey ‘snaps’) in a ‘Duo’ form.

Reaktor – ‘Zarby Drummer’ (by Herve Delacouturiere) > Stylus RMX (‘Abstraction 3’ Kit) + additional selective Loopy C ‘chaos’ designs.


021409 Blood & Cheese Whiz Player



For other Jonathan Style related tracks please see:



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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diesel Punk Rhythm Bytes


The factory inside my laptop, rhythm tracks ultimately destined for a conceptual ‘diesel pulp jam’ (as yet realized). Each ‘trio trap set’ rhythm represented by long, medium, and close-up mic-shots.

Rhythms derived by the juxtaposition of ‘chromatic scale bpm’s’, that is, BPM’s conforming to the same intervalic ratios found in a C chromatic scale. The layering (here in a ‘trio’ configuration’) is then imaginarily ‘spot-mic’d’ via a set of surgical resonant eq’s designed to spectrally isolate each layer from one another, setting it apart wih no overlapping of frequencies to it’s neighbors (3D EQ?). These eq.s are ‘rotated’ into three different positions per trio to create  ‘long’,’ medium,’ and ‘close-ups’ (and/or X,Y, and Z) view aspects of  individual performances.

Ideally, a sonic impression is suggested of the machinations of some ‘science fiction noir’ factory and it’s alien mechanicals of unknown purpose chugging, gulping, gurgling, ripping, clanking…(you get the picture) away.

Original Reaktor instrument design by Dieter Zobel


DieselPunk RhythmBytes Player


Dedicated to ‘Andrew Now’s T.I. factory memories.

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