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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Blog Favorites Remix Round-ups


As a post modern private tradition, my year end  ‘interpretations’ (i.e. remixes) of several favorite mp3 blogs. Given the ‘treatment’ I present:

Disquiet Blog Remix

Shining star auetuer of avant and amphetamine ambient noise. Disquiet: reflections on ambient/electronic music, and interviews with the people who make it.

Continuo Blog Remix

Continuo Blog: Reassessed aural delicacies. Secret museum territory for those explorers of the crevices and edges of post modern recordings.

The Cookshop Blog Remix

The Cookshop Blog: Ample food for stupid thought . A haunted ‘The Shining’s Loyd The Bartender’ New Year’s ‘after midnight’ dream remix, for  long distance  creative osmosis lodge host  ‘doru649’.


As I am used to always playing live on 12/31/?? up until a few years ago (going back 30+ years!), this is my way of still getting that musical rush/fix to announce the next year’s cycle beginning. All ‘mixes’ were performed live on the ‘evening of’ with no post edits (other than volume adjustment).

Dedicated to the world wide webbing of musical illuminati that ‘keep the fire’, whether inhaled via binary packets or forced through organ pipes unto wordpress snares 😉

art by c.gibson

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

120408 Duos

Again, playing in the ‘faux nostalgia’ realm of my early days of instruments, machines, and cassette recorders. The ‘scene’ is a small bedroom in 1979, amid the chaos of tolex-covered furniture-amplifiers and a carpet of cables and upon a leaky waterbed I sit with my newly acquired drum machine (varied per ‘fantasy’) and a cassette recorder (the portable kind with ‘built-in mic). This scenario does actually exist as recordings but I like this ‘simulcrum’ version better…rewriting personal history is today my laptop prerogative 🙂 



120408 Duos P1 Player

120408 Duos P2 Player 


*Special thanks to ‘Goldbaby’ for the drum machine samples and Bernd Keil for the ever-inspiring virtual circuit bends.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

uTonic Greyscales (Duos)

Lo-fi electronic game, monome-like sequences versus noise drum ‘beaters’ (‘Atari 2600’ vs. Pierre Bastien‘Musical Meccano’? ).

120308 Player

*Special thanks to Adam Hanley for ‘GreyScale’ and Don Dailey, the ‘Snap Master’ extraordinaire (among other things) for the best half of this duo.

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