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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Journey To The Center Of The Circuit

Journey To The Center Of The Circuit

Journey To The Center Of The Circuit

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Noatikl (tests+prototyping)


Various ‘live to desktop’ aural notes using the new Noatikl generative (MIDI) music engine from:



 Player Link:

    121207 Noatikl



Audio recorded via Audio Hijack with the Noatikl ‘Standalone’ engine driving Kontakt 2 in realtime (no further processing or editing). These are not ‘tracks proper’ but aural notes concerning various rule sets and ideas that come up in my initial ‘prodding’ of the extraordinary new program from the minds behind ‘Koan’.


art by c.gibson

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glitch & Rasa

Glitche’s & Rasa (in six parts)

Glitch & Rasa

“…there is art, and there is entertainment. I have done both, I have enjoyed both, and I DISTINGUISH between both. When you are after that innermost ‘self’, the person you become AFTER playing in the dark for hours and running out of practiced ‘riffs’, then you are practicing what is yours uniquely, self expression; thus, art. When your intention is to try to find a common, universal link and emotion between yourself and some unknown and unquantifiable ‘audience’ (thus ‘generalising’ the ‘signs’ of music to appeal towards more known quantities based on particular characteristics) then you are attempting entertainment/communication. Entertainment (a subset of communication) depends on cliche (familiarity), redundancy, and previously agreed upon ‘rules’ to convey ‘messages’…not exactly a ‘hotbed’ for creative innovations 😉

I see no problem with either, as long as YOU know which one you are practicing. I continue to enjoy both with that perspective (as segregated). If the two segregated forms do occasionally collide successfully as to incorporate strengths of both I consider it a lucky exception, which it appears most artists who have succeeded in creating a new ‘entertaining’ form out of both didn’t know until much later.”

And YES, this is MY idea of a Friday night 😉


Glitch & Rasa (Player playlist in six parts, click to access master player/tracks)



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