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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Salad Before Bed (Late Night Leftovers Jam)

Tossing tracks and applying dressings in the last hours of a Saturday session. Misc unfinished ideas and re-combinations.








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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Avant Garde Mash-Ups (2012 Vol 1)

Vintage vinyl to modern digital, experimental media layering and collisions .


06072012 1 Player

06072012 3 Player

06072012 2 Player



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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Laptop Mix Rehearsal

3-layer mash-up ‘rehearsals’ for laptop live sets. A theme is sought by ‘crate’ organization and then these ‘rehearsal mixes’ are later referenced for live dubs with second player (not included here). Currently  three tracks of five (coming later).

Avant Garde Mash Up Player

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two ‘Master Track Player’ Index Pages Added

Collected my various ‘Avant Garde Mash Ups’ and Loopy C ‘Plays’ tracks together as consolidated sources/pages:


Avant Garde Mash-Ups Master Track Player Index


Loopy C ‘Plays’ Master Track Player Index


(also visible to right in ‘sidebar’ under ‘Pages’)


These are rebuilds of pages from my former blog (at blogger), I will slowly be updating the accompanying info but for now all the track player links should be active for ‘Discover/Encounter’ sessions 🙂

Also note that the page of ‘Master Players’ allows access to EVERY track on this site, (whether it currently has it’s own dedicated post or not):


Master Playlist’s Players



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Thursday, March 13, 2008

‘Numbers’ (Loopy V VS. The Conet Project)

For? Trent Reznor (and Inspector 19), an hour-plus ‘romp’ into NIN/Peter Gabriel/Russell Mills territory via ‘Loopy C’ drums, bass, and keys mixed with ‘Numbers’ stations (ala the ‘Conet Project’).


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cookshop Collages (for ‘doru649’)

The Cookshop

One dark and stormy audio kitchen evening…to simmer, mix…perchance to steam?


A dream of auditory collisions and conceptual ‘fragra’ [sic]. For my far and away music blog friend ‘doru649’:


Cookshop Collages Player 




All music sources referenced herein via ‘doru649’s’ online recipes assembly located here:


The Cookshop 



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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Loopy C ‘Listening Lounge’ Part 2

Taken from one of my live ‘avant garde mash-up’ performances I have described elsewhere dated 110606. A board mix ‘trio’ of three different but simultaneous and continously changing performances (playlists) by my fav’s in this genre. My ‘take’ on the idea of Zappa’s ‘Strange Synchronization’ or ‘Weird Xenocrony‘ (Zappa coined the phrase “xenocrony,” which was the merging of music from two different sources to create a new, third piece)

Laminal Improv Trio

If I may quote myself from another forum for reference to this ‘technique’:

‘I meant to answer your question-that set up I describe is one possible configuration of what I call the ‘Metaphysical Multitrack’. it is a variation on Zappa’s ‘xenocrony’Jeff Noone’s ‘Cobralingus Engine/Metamorphiction Process’ and the overall traditions of collage, bricolage, culture jamming, turntablism, etc (=Audiolage?), to create live, unique performances from concrete sources.

I produce ‘solo’ tracks of my own creation in different catagories (Rhythmic, Texture, Nature/Organic, Historical, Narrative, Solos, Antiqued, etc), completely in isolation from each other but with key/tempo strategies that allow them to be randomly combined with a certain amount of mindfulness. These are then loaded up in various ‘players’ (unlocked from any clock or grid) and freely combined in realtime with other performer’s material. ‘Borrowed’ sources are also added, so there is a mix of original and non-original material. Also present are various realtime manipulators and instruments so that both old and new strategies of improvisation can be accessed.

Mash-up as composition…keeping yourself surprised even when you created the source material in a more ‘logical, left-brain’ mode. Plus it allows me to listen to the mountain of music I have in my library while creating my own! ?

Steve Tibbets described it as, ‘It’s like designing furniture by throwing pieces of wood in a dark room and the end of the week flipping on the light and seeing if there is anything you can sit on’

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Avant Garde Mash-Ups


071706 Player


-Invalid Collage

-A Childs Garden Of Grass


072306 Player


-072306 1

-072306 2

-072306 3

-072306 4A

-072306 4B


072606 Player


-072606 P1

-072606 P2


080106 Player


-Alien Jesus



080606 Player




081206 Player


-Bell Curve

-Doda Babel


081406 1 Player


-Alexander Phiz


081406 2 Player


-Intonarumole Radio

-Lunar Root Canal


081406 3 Player


-Swarm Animus Radio


081406 4 Player


-Vex’d (parts 1 & 2)


091606 Player


091606 Part 3 (Mix 1)


093006 Player


-Worlds Most Beautiful Phone Sex


O’Shens 11


-A mash-up based on DJ Zhao’s ‘Shen’ mix, old school electronics meets minimal techno

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